Plants as gifts might raise eyebrows for some. But if you find the right type of plants and the perfect arrangement, they could be impressive. People love nature so much and giving them something that represents it (one that they can keep at home) is a great gift idea.

Lily’s Florist not only has the most gorgeous bouquets of flowers, we also have a vast collection of exquisite plants that will impress your recipients. You may order now for a same day delivery to your loved one or you can grab one for your own home.

Boston Fern

For someone who has a minimalist taste, Boston Fern is the plant gift for them. Not to mention it is the most popular of all green plants. Its lush and lacy fronds look traditional and classy at the same time. Perfect for a refreshing feel in the office or even at home!

Garden Dish

This stylish dish of mixed potted living plants is arranged for that invigorating effect, making it the versatile gift for any occasion. The ensemble of dieffenbacia, dracaena, ivy, peperomia, philodendron, and palm will make an impression for any nature-lover person. You can bring it to your new neighbor’s housewarming party or the next time you visit your parents’ home.

Cymbidium Orchids

A gift that is both exotic and elegant, Cymbidium Orchids is designed to create a tranquil Zen garden feel to it. This serene array of pink orchids, roses, and lilies will make any room brighter and blooming. It is a great gift idea for offices, especially if your recipient is constantly looking for ‘escape’ from hectic work schedules.


Sending plants for gifts doesn’t always have to be traditional. Fashionista has a modern touch of design that will instantly make your recipients love it. A hand-picked collection of fresh and colorful potted plants includes kalanchoes, ivies, nephthytis, and crotons are stylishly arranged in a dark, rectangular vase. This modern flower arrangement is an ideal gift for the confident and strong women in our lives!

Royal Orchids

It’s all in the name! Royal Orchids only consist of a trio of colorful phalaenopsis orchids –white, lavender, and green. But its arrangement in a white ceramic pot and Zen river rocks is enough to make it look gracefully sophisticated. Send this peacefully refreshing plant gift to your loved one who needs calm and stillness. A perfect gift for any occasion!

Lily’s Florist Santa Clara has more to offer for your plant gift ideas needs. Check out great deals from our online shop and send warm regards and flowers to your loved one today.

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