Top Flowers To Liven Up Your Space


Top Flowers To Liven Up Your Space

Brighten your home with some colorful displays of stunning flower arrangements. We’ve listed our top 5 flower species that are guaranteed to bring life into any space.


 An iconic spring flower from the genus Tulipa in the Liliaceae family. This bulbous plant features large, showy blossoms with six petals. At present, there are about 75 species of wild tulips and over 3,000 varieties of the cultivated tulips.

When selecting a tulip to use as home décor, choose those in the bud stage. Don’t worry about waiting too long for it to bloom because it will only take hours after being set in a vase for it to blossom. Use a tulip preservative to lengthen its life by mixing a teaspoon of sugar, half a teaspoon of household bleach and two tablespoons of lemon juice. This tulip preservative can help prevent bacteria growth and allow your tulips to remain fresh in a vase for at least a couple of weeks.


These brilliantly colored flowers are sure to bring a huge impact. Who wouldn’t be attracted to the beautiful layers of delicate, paper-thin petals in truly vivid hues. Ranunculuses make long-lasting cut flower too. Most blossoms are fully double and are about 3 to 6 inches wide. Colors available are gold, pink, salmon, rose, yellow, white, sunset orange, bicolored picotee and pastel mix. Ranunculuses last indoors for about a week after cutting.

Spray roses

These short-stemmed, clustered spray roses are as beautiful as their long-stemmed counterpart. They are less expensive and are ideal for small floral arrangements for your home. Just like any other rose, spray roses bring a touch of elegance to anywhere it is placed.

You can find spray roses in single, semi-double and double blooms. They may have smaller blossoms than typical long-stemmed ones but their dainty cluster is what makes them all the more beautiful.

When arranging spray roses, make sure you use sanitized clippers or knife to make a clean cut off the end of each stem. Never use scissors and immediately place the cut flowers in a vase with water for proper hydration.

Stargazer Lilies

If you are looking for flowers that will make a statement, stargazer lilies would be your best bet.  Known for their bold magenta and white color, this showy flower adds nothing but pure elegance and beauty into any home. These are easy to care for and may be grown indoors so you can have a more permanent supply of fresh flowers. This Oriental Lily variety is also regarded for its sweet and subtle fragrance.

Cut lilies generally need a cool temperature so make sure you position them out of direct sunlight. But before placing them on a vase, re-cut the stems at a 45-degree angle once you receive your lilies. This will perk up their ability to take water in so they remain fresh for a longer period of time. Lilies require fresh water so replace water often. Another technique to keep your stargazer lilies fresh for several more days is to carefully pluck the pollen out from its stamens. Apparently, lilies’ pollen is sort of a poison to its petals. Pollen, once it touches the petal, can eat away the delicate parts of the petal so be very, very careful in removing the pollen from the central pistil in your stargazer lily.

Green Trick Dianthus

Image from Horticulture Week via Flickr

If you’re not so fond of the feminine color and form of most flowers, here’s a nice option – the green trick. This is a non-flowering variety of Sweet William characterized by lush green pompom-like heads. This “flower” with no petals is more like a decorative type of foliage from the Dianthus barbatus genus. The Green Trick, which has only been available in 2011, can last for 4 to 6 weeks in a vase. Of course, proper care is necessary to make this fuzzy, poof ball-like and green cut flower last longer.  


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