The Secret Language Of Flowers


What Do You Know About the Secret Language of Flowers?

The use of flowers to send messages can be traced back to Victorian Era when rigid rules of deportment were implemented. As a form of covert communication between lovers, flowers were used to express emotions.  As people’s interest in botany grew so as their interest in covert communication using flowers. This resulted to hundreds of books on floriography with the first one published in 1809. By 19th century, hundreds of floral dictionaries were made available. These flower dictionaries contain a list of flower species and their corresponding “hidden” meaning or symbolism. To give you an idea, here’s what these flowers try to convey:

Alstroemeria – wealth, fortune, prosperity; friendship
Amaryllis – splendid beauty
Anthurium – hospitality; abundance
Azalea – “Take care of yourself for me”
Bird of Paradise – joyfulness
Calla Lily – magnificence; purity
Carnation, red – love and admiration; “We must meet soon”
Carnation, pink – love of a mother; “I’ll never forget you”
Carnation, white – pure love; innocence; “A chaste love I offer”
Chrysanthemum – fidelity; long life; “I trust you completely” or “You’re a wonderful friend”
Daffodil – new beginning, eternal life; “You’re the only one”
Daisy – purity, innocence
Dandelion - faithfulness
Delphinium – ardent attachment
Gardenia – purity, secret love; “You are like this flower”
Gerbera – cheerfulness
Hyacinth – playfulness; admiration; “I esteem you highly”
Hydrangea – heartfelt emotions
Iris – wisdom; purity; passion; “My heart is aflame”
Lilac – first love
Lily, white – modesty; “It’s heavenly to be with you”
Lily, orange – passion; “I love you til the end of time”
Lily, yellow – delight; happiness
Marigold – grief, jealousy, cruelty
Oleander - caution
Orchid – refinement; mature charm; “I pledge a sweet life for you”
Peony – compassion; happy marriage
Petunia – “Your presence soothes me”
Primrose – “I can’t live without you”
Statice – remembrance
Sunflower – pure thoughts; adoration, dedication
Tulip – declaration of love
Roses, on the other hand, have several meanings depending on the color and the rose type.

Coral rose depicts desire, dark crimson rose is ideal for mourning, dark pink rose symbolizes gratitude and lavender rose means enchantment. An orange rose speaks about fascination while a pale peach one symbolizes modesty. Of course, the red rose signifies love or devotion or passion.

A single rose in full bloom says “I love you” or “I still love you.” White roses are the perfect roses to give when saying you’re sorry. Yellow roses stand for friendship and indicate platonic emotions. The unique blue rose, that with a color that cannot be achieved naturally, says “I know I can’t have you but I can’t stop thinking about you.”

 The list above only shows just a few of the flowers and the message that they wish to impart. So when words elude you or when words cannot fully express the depth of your emotions, say what you mean in a more heartwarming way – through the gift of flowers. You’re lucky you have Lily’s Florist Santa Clara to deliver fresh flower gifts to your family, friends, colleagues and loved ones in Santa Clara. Find last minute flower gifts, anniversary flowers, birthday bouquets, and just because flower bunches hand-arranged with love by a local Santa Clara florist. Let Lily’s Florist’s flowers vividly represent your message and let those who matter most to you know that they are loved, remembered and appreciated.


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