Choosing The Right Get Well Flowers


Choosing the Right Get Well Flowers

You cannot deny the comforting beauty of fresh flowers. No wonder they make great get well gifts. But before you send an arrangement to wish someone a speedy recovery, consider these tips in selecting the most appropriate get well flowers. By choosing a floral arrangement that’s expressive as it is attractive, your floral gift easily puts the recipient in good spirits and that happy feeling, as we know, helps in encouraging a speedy recovery.

Here are some tips to help you thoughtfully select the right get well flowers.

Skip the heavily scented blooms. Freesias, lilacs, honeysuckle and certain species of lilies and roses can be highly fragrant. A heavy scent in a compact room can be overwhelming. If you wish to send a fragrant floral arrangement, opt for daffodils and sunflowers as these have milder scents and have bright, cheery color.

Choose sneeze-less flowers. A lily’s exposed pollen could cause allergy symptoms to the patient, family members, visitors, or nurses who are allergic to pollen. So to be on the safe side, choose flowers with pollen located on the inside of the bloom like carnations, mums and roses. Other allergy-friendly flowers include hydrangeas, pansies, irises, tulips, daffodils, and orchids.

Go for long-lasting blossoms. In this case, you need those with woody stems because they sit in a vase for days. Mums are inexpensive, available in different colors and sizes, bright and vivid, and long-lasting. Peruvian lilies or alstroemerias are also long-lasting and can live up to 2 weeks in vase; they are fragrance-free, too.

Reserve the large bouquets for home deliveries. Hospitals will most likely refuse the entry of large, extravagant bouquets. Such arrangement will also be too demanding to move and care for.

Make it vivid and bright. The brighter the better when it comes to sending get well flowers. Your gift will serve as a cheerful reminder to look on the bright side, think positive, remain hopeful and faithful. Yellow is the top color choice when sending wishes of good health and quick recovery. Yellow has a warming yet stimulating effect. It’s the color of sunshine, spring, optimism and enlightenment. You can also go for the pink palette and mix delicate pastel pinks with fuchsia and magenta-colored blossoms. Pink is the color of universal love so a pink flower gift conveys your message of nurturing love. Needless to say, a flower arrangement in a rainbow of colors is sure to encourage positivity.

Go green, literally. If you want to send a get well flower gift but you worry about pollen-allergy, short vase life, flower care, and fragrance, just send a potted plant. Lush greens carry the same natural beauty as flowers. Plants have been proven to bring comfort and ease feelings of pain, stress and anxiety. Ever wondered why more and more hospitals purposely build gardens around their facility? Several studies have proven the effect of nature in boosting the immune system by beating mental and emotional fatigue.  What’s more, potted plants are easier to care for, can be brought home after the hospital stay, and can be enjoyed for months.

Include a high-spirited, light-hearted note. Nothing makes a gift more personal than a “personal” note. You don’t have to write it by hand. You can let your florist print your message on a greeting card if you’re ordering flowers online. What’s important is the content of your message; but it doesn’t have to be long or overly heartwarming. Depending on your relationship with the recipient, it could be a joke, a funny reminder, or just something that will make them smile, or better yet, laugh. Just keep your note upbeat and personal enough to raise the mood of the recipient


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