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Do Birthday flowers make a good gift for a friend or loved one compared with regular gifts?

When flowers are received by a person they tend to carry a particular type of message from the person that is sent them, the message can sometimes mean love, can sometimes mean happy birthday and can often carry an intimate thoughtfulness.

Buying a birthday bouquet of fresh flowers has the uplifting ability to bring massive smiles to the person you are sending them to, just think about the reaction of your wife if you were to send her flowers to work, and the reaction that the people she works with will have to, it's guaranteed to be priceless!

Sending flowers to someone for their birthday is an extremely cost effective way to show you care about someone, whether they live locally and near you, or live anywhere in Santa Clara.

We have a few suggestions about what flowers to order for someone's birthday, most of them can be seen here, but we have a special mentions, some things to consider, and the first of those suggestions are chrysanthemums.


Chrysanthemums are an awesome birthday gift as, unlike roses and some other flowers like Lilies, they can be given to anyone you know, love, or care about. Chrysanthemums may also be appropriate for other members of your family like cousins, children, and friends that you are close to. When you are choosing the right bouquet of chrysanthemums please make careful consideration of the size of the bouquet and the amount you're going to spend, there is a tricky line between not spending enough and spending too much and, to some degree, that may also be dictated by the level of friendship or love you have that person.

There's also something else to consider when buying a bouquet of flowers for someone's birthday and that is that you should think about adding one of our amazing extra products to your order. We have a large range of extra products that suit birthday occasions such as birthday balloons, best wishes balloons, cute and cuddly teddy bears and did someone say chocolates... It's worth noting that you cannot order any of these extras without first adding your flowers to your shopping cart as we do not send extras out otherwise. So the process would be simply to add the flowers you want to send for someone's birthday to shopping cart, then look below and add an extra to your shopping cart that suits the occasion and your budget.

Santa Clara florist offers our entire range of Birthday flowers for same day delivery, you can order online via a desktop website, you can order from our mobile website or you can simply give one of our flower expert to call today to order.