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Birthday Flower Gift Ideas

What do you give to someone who has everything? Well, beautiful fresh flowers make the perfect present for such a person. Fresh cut flowers arranged bouquet style, in a decorative box, or in an elegant vase is always a delightful gift to receive. We all know that people are attracted to beautiful things and flowers, obviously, are just too good-looking to be unnoticed.

But as they say when it comes to gift-giving, it is the thought that counts. It’s still important that you give enough consideration to the type of flower present to send. To give you an idea, here are some tips when sending flowers as a birthday gift.

Tip No.1. Make it as unique as possible. You can skip the usual colour themes and go for bolder and more unique colour palettes like purple and blue. You can go for this year’s Pantone colours which are Serenity and Rose Quartz. Several cut flowers are available in the dainty rose quartz colour including peonies, ranunculus, roses, hydrangea, astilbe, gerbera, and poppies. For the light and peaceful bluish-purple shade of serenity, there’s cornflower, thistle, delphinium, nigella, hydrangea, sage flower, pansies and muscari.

Tip No.2. Don’t just send a single bouquet or arrangement. Treat someone special who’s celebrating her birthday to a week-long, month-long or even year-long flower treat. With the availability of inexpensive but impressively designed floral arrangements, you wouldn’t go bankrupt should you decide to send flowers every single day for 7 days or even 14 days. You can get the birthday celebrator a monthly delivery of fresh flowers, too. Do it on the date of her birthday – every 5th of the month if she was born on the 5th day of a certain month, or every 14th or 27th of the month – for twelve months.

Tip No.3. Add a gift that she can keep. We all know that a flower’s life-span isn’t as long as we wanted it to be. So if the budget permits, you can add something tangible that she can keep together with your flower gift. A new pair of shoes, a new designer bag or a piece of jewelry would be really, really nice but simpler and less expensive gifts like book, a teddy bear or a modern glass vase would also suffice. Lily’s Florist Santa Clara has special gift packages composed of bouquet or bunch of flowers plus a cuddly bear, a keepsake vase, or a basket of delectable treats.  

Tip No.4. Ensure that the arrangement is bright, beautiful and fun. This means you have to secure the service of a really good florist to be certain that the special recipient will receive premium flowers in their freshest and most vibrant condition. The typical “happy” flowers are those in the shades of bright yellow, orange and red. But as long as you get high quality flowers, blossoms in pastel shades would also look as vivid and intense as brightly-coloured ones. Side-tip: the easiest way to make a floral arrangement look more fun is the addition of a balloon. Then again, we’re talking about premium quality balloons here as anything that’s poorly made would still look dull even if it has the loudest colour.

Tip No.5. Deliver the flowers yourself. Your presence, of course, matters the most. It’s best if you can make it to the party and personally hand your bouquet gift to the person who celebrates her birthday. But if time and distance won’t permit you to do so, there’s your trusted local Santa Clara florist who can hand-deliver your special gift.

Lily’s Florist Santa Clara applies the language of flowers into each flower ensemble it creates. You can be confident that together with your lovely flower gift your birthday wishes will also be delivered. Our stylish bouquets, bunches, vase-assembled arrangements and posies may all be customised to suit a birthday celebration. We can arrange one with the birthday celebrator’s favourite blossoms. We can also design floral arrangements to fit a certain birthday theme – rustic, vintage, bohemian chic, fun and flirty – you name it, we can do it.

We can’t stress enough the importance of sending a gift that comes from your heart. Big, extravagant, expensive presents can impress people but it will always be the thoughtful gifts that will warm their hearts and make a lasting impression. It wouldn’t matter if your gift is a $29 single rose wrapped bouquet-style or a $65 bunch of fresh cut flowers when it clearly represents the personality of the recipient or your feelings of affection towards the recipient. Flowers are personal gifts. Indeed, they are the perfect presents to give on the most important occasions including the birthday of someone whom you consider special and who considers you special. 

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